Meffert’s World’s Largest Range of Twisty Puzzles

Uwe Meffert started designing rotational puzzles in 1970 with the invention of the Pyraminx. Since then he has created over 100 styles of twisty puzzles  that are distributed worldwide. The Meffert’s brand stands for high quality, and innovation, and for having the “World’s largest range of twisty puzzles”.

Checker Cube
Gear Ball
Gear Cube
Gear Egg
Ghost Cube
Ghost Xtreme
Hollow Cube
Hollow Pyraminx
Hollow Series
Hollow Skewb Cube
Hollow Skewb Ultimate
Hollow Two by Two
Maltese Gear
Meffert’s Floor Display
Meffert’s Starter Kit
Mini Meffert’s Keychains
Morphs Egg
Pocket Cube
Polar Cube
Pyraminx Crystal
Pyraminx Diamond
Pyraminx Duo
Pyraminx Edge
Pyraminx Marble
Skewb Ultimate
Skewb Xtreme
Venus Pillow
XXL Gear Cube
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