Mini Meffert’s Deluxe

A luxurious add-on to the Mini Meffert’s: Mini Gear Cube and Mini Ghost Cube!

Embark on a pocket-sized puzzle-solving adventure with our latest Mini Meffert’s Deluxe keychains.The Mini Deluxe Gear Cube delivers intricate rotations in a compact design, while the Mini Deluxe Ghost Cube challenges your spatial reasoning skills. These deluxe miniatures boast the same smoothness as their larger counterparts and come elegantly packaged in environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging. Elevate your puzzle collection with these captivating mini wonders!


• Ages: 9 and up
• 1 player
• Display of 20 pcs,5 pcs each
• Individually available in master cartons of 48 (inners of 12)

• Suggested retail price: € 11,95
• Item: #M5092

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