Symmetry Puzzles

Sturdy, uniquely designed metal blocks…solutions in shapes you never quite expect!


• Ages: 14 and up
• Display of 16 pocs
• 4 of each
• Items not available individually
• Suggested retail price € 9.95
• Item nr: RT5108

“YES” Bars

Y-E-S is the easy part! Rearrange all three individually symmetrical metal letters until you have a single symmetrical shape. There’s only one solution though–and you may be saying “no” after a few attempts before you successfully say “Yes!”

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza, ancient capital of the Mayan civilization, is famed for its pyramid temples and giant steps. Can you summon the wisdom to create two different symmetrical shapes? There is a hint in this description…!

Broken Twig

Think sharp! Rearrange the custom metal “twigs” until they form a shape with identical sides. With only two pieces, and with not just one but two solutions, you may find this puzzle stickier than expected!

The Chimera

Two crafted metal pieces that form one symmetrical image–is it a sign? A building? Perhaps it’s a person, you think, as you try another combination…but with limitless ways to join them, and only a single unique solution, you’ll find that this puzzle is a real headscratcher!

S O L U T I O N   V I D E O S
S E C O N D   S O L U T I O N
S E C O N D   S O L U T I O N
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