Stack & Balance Games

Challenge the balance
Three beautiful wooden balancing games in one display. Stacking is the easy part but balancing…? The included sand timer just gives you one minute and the rules measurers up; who can build the highest or stack the most pieces?

Monkey Business
Finally a game you can monkey around with! The goal of the game is simple—see how high you can stack. Don’t worry, the apes won’t mind—just don’t pull the wrong tail, or everything will come crashing!

Acrobat Tower
Just how high can an acrobat climb? See if you can help this family of acrobats build a human tower. Use the included ruler to measure the height—then the time to measure your record speed!

After Party
The night is always still young with these party puzzles. Play with friends, taking turns to stack everything from the party. The last person to lay a piece on the stack without knocking it over is the winner! Too easy? Now have a stacking speed competition with the included miniature hourglass.


• Ages: 14 and up
• 1-4 players
• Display of 18 pcs
• 6 pcs each
• Items not available individually
• Suggested retail price: € 14,95
• Item # C5080

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